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DI.MA. ETICHETTE S.R.L. has become anytime soon a very interesting productivity reality.

Our company produces auto-adhesive labels spool-mounted, printed or white, as well as roll mounted adhesive thermic paper for use on weighing scale and cash registers.
All used materials, thermic papers and adhesive papers, are food compatible and equipped of non-toxic certificate, with possibility of documentation on demand.
We boast a large number of customers in all merceologic cathegories, from agroindustrial to mechanical industries.

High quality materials and perfect realization of products allows the good funcionality of machines, safeguarding printing heads of printers and weighing scales, allowing clear and highly readable printed texts.

We dispose technological advanced machinery that allows us to treat the products in all his facets, from creation of schetces, logos and brand names to perfect and definitive realization of the product.

Contact us and ask for a price quotation through apposite page of our web site, indicating dimensions and type of labels you use.

DI.MA. Etichette srl - Via A. De Luca 22/f (Zona Ind.le) - 84131 - Salerno - Tel.: +39 089 302952 - -
C.F e P.Iva 04609890654 - Registro Imprese di Salerno - N. Rea 379998 - Cap.Soc. € 90.000,00 i.v.
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